Simple words: a straight shot into the minds of others

Like the words in the headline, which passed the test of the Upgoer Five Text Editor. It tells you when you've used a word that isn't in the ten hundred most frequently used words of English. (The word "thousand" isn't in the top thousand.)  I'm addicted to this editor, which I heard about from my niece. (Here's a description of her PhD thesis.) Simple words cut the cognitive distance between ideas and audience. People shouldn't read something and say, "Wow, that's good writing." Instead, they should say, "Wow, those are great ideas," or "Wow, I want to try that. " Simple words help you mainline your ideas into the brain of the reader. I like elegant usage as much as the next guy. But what I like more is racing through a post and coming away energized and inspired. Simple language is one key to doing that.

The other key? Compelling ideas expressed passionately. I've got a formula for that too. Maybe in another post.