A New Yorker's Rosetta Stone to Boston neighborhoods

When I moved to Boston a few months ago, I didn't know anything about where to live. My friend Sam Knox over at CFO  offered to put Boston into terms that I could understand. Here is his guide.

Boston New York
Beacon Hill Murray Hill
South End West Village
Back Bay Upper East Side
Kenmore Square The upscale Village near NYU
Dorchester Bronx
Mattapan Harlem
Brighton Woodside Queens
Alston Woodside, Queens
South Boston Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Archie and Edith would be right at home.  Now gentrified.
North End Little Italy.  Touristy Italian food.  No parking.  NO street crime.
Brookline Village, Upper West Side, Chelsea.  Coolidge Corner is wonderful.
Quincy Queens. Was Irish and FOB labor for shipyard.  Now many Chinese and Brazilians.  All reasonable. some very nice.


Where did I end up living? Well, I had to commute to Lexington out beyond 128 every day, so it wasn't like I could live in Dorchester. I ended up in Arlington. Sam's take:

Boston New York
Arlington A dull, cheap bedroom community. At least it's not Belmont.
Belmont The upscale Arlington (now featured in Charles Murray's "Coming Apart" - and not kindly)
Other suburbs Stay inside 128. Don't ever go outside it.