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I see on Google Analytics that my bounce rate is about 80%, which means that 80% of the people who arrive on this page immediately leave. I think I know the reason: They've all come to see the only post that has ever gotten much traffic, Barack Obama Embellishes His Resume.  If that's what you're here for, click on the link and time-travel back to 2005, when the post first appeared.  Or you can just skip the post and drop your hate mail directly into the comments. If you look at the pingbacks, you'll see that the post has been picked up by Obama-haters. That's certainly not what I intended. If I had worked with John McCain, I would have been happy to talk about his embellishments. I'm sure every politician has them. And whether you call him "the one" or "that one", it's a fact that Barack is a politician (albeit a good one) - something that we'll all understand when inflated expectations deflate, a year or so down the road.

Where I live In New York City, Barack Obama will win close to 100% of the vote, including the votes of my wife and all of my neighbors, co-workers and friends.  He may win my vote, too.  The Republicans certainly don't deserve to be re-elected, and Obama has a brain trust that includes many people I admire.  Perhaps it's not delusional to think that he'll govern from someplace closer to the center. We'll see. Until that moment in the election booth, I remain undecided.