The Joy of Commenting

Popular bloggers may disable the comment function or delete the missives of their attackers. Not me. I feel like a kid so starved for attention that he's grateful for any notice, no matter how negative. And the surprising thing is - for someone as thin-skinned as I imagine myself to be - that there's a lot to agree with, even among those critical of the "memories of Obama" post. To Peter, who said "I read envy in the whole article!": You're not the first person to say that.

To KL Moore, aka Voice of Reason: I hope you got all the anger out of your system. Sincerely, Cool White Guy.

To Knemon: Maybe not everyone used drugs. But I'll bet every presidential candidate - OK, maybe not Guiliani - has gotten high. Barack is the only one with the guts to admit it.

To Ksun: You're right - race shouldn't matter. But we all know that it does. Race has a lot to do with what we hear and how we judge it. And a guy like Obama - with one foot in Kansas and the other in Kenya - can say things to both blacks and whites without being accused of racism. Even if he does embellish his resume.

Finally to all the Business International people who commented: Thanks. I remember all of you fondly. Let's get together on LinkedIn when Jeanne Reynolds sets up the Business International alumni group.