Wikipedia's Bad Cops

Last night I learned about the capricious and nasty treatment that Neil Gunton, who runs the CrazyGuyonaBike touring site, received at the hands of a Wikipedia administrator. CrazyGuyonaBike is a six-year open-source labor of love built by Neil for the bicycle touring community. It's got trip journals, discussion boards, touring partners, equipment tips - everything a real or armchair tourer could want. But apparently it's not good enough to be listed as a resource in Wikipedia's bike touring entry. Administrator Guy Chapman, aka "Just zis Guy, you know?", not only removed the link to Neil's site, but also poured on the vitriol, calling the site "spam riddled" and and justifying his actions by saying "I don't recall ever having heard of it before." If he thinks a couple of Google Adwords are spam, and he's a bike tourer who doesn't already know about Neil's selfless advocacy for the touring community, that says more about him - and his lack of qualifications for editing an article on bicycle touring - than Neil's wonderful site.

Is this guy typical of the Wiki cops? For Wikipedia's sake, I hope not.