My Perfect Job

OK, not really, because it's all about golf. But just listen to the rest. The job title is Data Analyst, but it could also be called Database Journalist. The PGA wants someone to mine and analyze data from ShotLink (the PGA scoring system) to "create a depth of analysis, insight and entertaining information never before possible in golf." Since links on Craiglist disappear in 10 days, I'll quote directly from the ad:

The golf industry is at the start of a tidal wave of data analysis, and can evolve like baseball, where data, statistics and insights fuel the fan interest and are core to the sport. This person’s primary responsibility is to create interesting output and insight for PGATOUR.COM that will help strategically differentiate the Site from its competitors.


• Directly analyze ShotLink data and create compelling outputs specifically for PGATOUR.COM on a regular and frequent schedule

• Coordinate the structuring of analysis of ShotLink data to create interesting, compelling, meaningful and entertaining outputs for fans. Consider construct for both repeatable and customized outputs

• Take a unique perspective on analysis of data. Express a natural curiosity to delve into the data and find insights that have never before been possible

• Structure and perform complex analysis. Do so creatively and without fully built out information system tools and query systems

• Create clear, concise and entertaining presentation of potentially complex information and analysis. Creativity required for compelling presentation of outputs

• Support other PGATOUR.COM statistics based projects (e.g. Fantasy, archives, player profiles)

• Support editorial and newsletter development. Tie analysis to supporting modular information, stories and articles

Bill James, eat your heart out.

The listing is on CraigsList, by the way, where a year or so ago I found some interesting temporary work in might be called "spreadsheet journalism." Here's one of the articles that resulted. (To see the analytical part, you'll have to view the PDF or download the Excel file - which unfortunately requires registering.)