Expertise marketing in emerging technologies.

Hi. I'm Dan Armstrong. 

I wrote on banking, big data, risk and compliance at

Developed KPI dashboards and interactive maps at

Built and analyzed surveys of C-suite executives for

Created coursework on financial math and capital markets used at


I help you create credible stories and data-driven narratives to raise your profile, engage your prospects and build loyalty among your customers

I use data about your business, your market or your customers, drawing from surveys, interviews, scrapers, public repositories, or sources you already have. 

I can create case studies, data visuals, white papers or other content that amplifies the reach and power of your subject matter experts. So they can keep their focus where it needs to be: On building the business.

I'll look at what where you want to go, think about how you could get there, and propose some things you can try. No obligation. Get in touch.